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Hello!! I'm Thao, I love crocheting, and I aspire to explore the world alongside my children, crafting delightful handmade crocheted plushies, bags, and clothing along the way.

With over 15 years of experience as a Real Estate Photographer and floor planner, I've dedicated my life to being a proud mom to two incredible kids. Recognizing the need to channel my enthusiasm for crochet, I am thrilled to introduce you to Top Knotche Crochet Wonderland!
Welcome to me Top Knotche Crochet Wonderland!

Embracing my deep love for crocheting, Top Knotche is a reflection of my love for all bags, food, clothes, animals, experiencing all the world's cultures, yarn, and of course crochet hooks, and I'm thrilled to share my creative journey with you.
Turning real-life items into adorable crochet plushies and cute outfits!


Your presence here is truly special, and I genuinely hope you stumble upon something that adds a sprinkle of joy and warmth to your days. Every purchase you make supports my love for crochet, empowering me to continue crafting delightful handmade treasures for you to cherish.

Wishing you a joyful exploration, and may you spread happiness and cuteness wherever your journey takes you!


Hi, I'm Thao. Welcome to Top Knotche
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